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ActevaRSVP makes event management easy and with its integration to Salesforce CRM, our knowledge base of individuals’ interests and event attendance grows automatically with each event.

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Why ActevaRSVP

Before ActevaRSVP, your options for managing attendee participation were limited. You could use the Salesforce Mass Email function to send invitations to leads and contacts, but you had no way of knowing which invitees accepted or confirmed their participation.

Or perhaps you could go back and forth on email and telephone, and then use a word processor or spreadsheet to manually keep track of RSVPs and disjointed follow-up activities.

Another alternative might be to employ a separate online service such as Evite. Still, this requires manually importing the invitees as well as learning a new service that may not be appropriate for business.


The RSVP Dashboard

The RSVP Dashboard and RSVP Reports help you gauge general interest, as well as each individual’s specific intentions and requests regarding your     event.

ActevaRSVP makes it easy – Really, Really Easy.

  • Easily create events, invite participants, and track RSVPs--without leaving the familiar interface of
  • Each event registration web page comes complete with a questionnaire and personalized
  • contact information that make registration quick and effective--for you and your invitees.

The result? You execute more successful events in less time while building organizational memory to improve future events and relationships.

In fact, many ActevaRSVP customers are able to alleviate the manual labor associated with registrations while boosting attendance.

Know Who’s Coming, and More

  • Control the process from start to finish
  • Maximize attendance
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Generate leads & place them in the pipeline
  • Store event activity within each contact or lead record
  • Update Salesforce campaigns


Online Event Registration Made Easy



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The RSVP Event Detail Page

The RSVP Event Detail Page (shown below) provides you with a top down view of all the activities related to your event.

Does it look familiar? It should! It’s modeled after the familiar Account Detail page.

Best of all, event information is automatically tracked and stored within each contact or lead record.



ActevaRSVP is another powerful yet simple on-demand business solution from Acteva. Designed exclusively for the AppExchange, ActevaRSVP is ideal for managing all types of simple, free events.

Acteva also has deep roots in providing service to organizers running more complex, paid events. In fact, Acteva is the worldwide leader in online event registration and payment solutions. Since 1998,

over 14,000 customers have used Acteva to manage more than 260,000 events and process more

than 4.6 million registrations. Acteva’s customers include Bausch & Lomb, Pfizer, SAP, Girl Scouts of America, Whole Foods, Craigslist Foundation, BMW/MINI, NASA, VMware, Apple, DHL, PG&E and thousands of small to large-sized businesses and organizations.

When you choose ActevaRSVP, you immediately benefit from our experience in helping thousands

of organizers increase event revenue and reduce administrative costs. Most importantly, we are committed to providing both you and your attendees with world-class customer service.


Corporate Contact Information


Acteva's corporate office is located in San Francisco's financial district. Concidentally, Acteva's office at 100 Pine St. is located just a few blocks from's corporate offices.

For more information on Acteva, please visit

Acteva Corporate Contact Information:

100 Pine Street, 10th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 962-9000 main
(415) 366-1713 fax
ActevaRSVP Sales & Support:
(866) 200-6520